Traders Club was established to meet the ever increasing demand from a broad range of traders and investors to have a COMMUNITY which would allow them to engage and network with likeminded people.  Trading is usually a very solitary and lonely experience. Our aim for the community is to give individuals a chance to benefit from direct access to relevant up to date market analysis, and a chance to link up directly with other traders and investors.

Traders Club HomeTraders Club Benefits :

These extremely popular sessions are EDUCATIONAL and NON CHARGEABLE events, sponsored and hosted by local derivatives trading brokerages and run by independent Trader Phillip Konchar. Through these sessions clients have a chance to meet, get to know each other, network and look for opportunities in the markets.

A personalized MENTORING and COACHING service is also provided. This service is highly regarded by those who have used it. These sessions are bespoke and designed specifically for the individual. Trading has to be treated as a business otherwise it becomes an expensive hobby. Learn how to manage your risk exposure, increase your success rate by trading high probability setups following a simple and tested set of rules with a proven track record.

Up to date market reports are also provided for your benefit. These reports are covering a broad range of commonly traded instruments. The reports are providing club members with the overall overview of the market and identifying prevailing trends and highlight important levels.

So whatever your trading experience or knowledge base, you are very welcome to join TRADERS CLUB where you can feel free to benefit from all we have to offer and most importantly become part of an expanding community